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Balsam Cottage Appraisals

Looking for a real estate appraiser in northern Wisconsin? You’ve come to the right place. Balsam Cottage Appraisals is a local appraisal company located in the heart of the north woods. We’ve been providing appraisals since 1995 and are a local favorite when it comes to reliable appraisals with a quick turn around time at an affordable price.

Balsam Cottage Appraisals specializes in appraisals for the following:

Balsam Cottage Appraisals strives to provide the best service possible to our clients by offering:

Browse our web site to find our coverage area, complete services, fee structure, and contact information. To order you can fax our order form found in order an appraisal, email us or just call. This site also offers general information to explain the appraisal process, appraisal jargon and myths.

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